Gogals New Style Men, Create A Best Vintage Look

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Gogals new style of men is quite popular right now. These glasses have bigger glass so it will protect the eyes completely.

Gogals style is increasingly popular after the 90’s A2K style. Since then, gogals or goggles sunglasses have become popular among young and adult men as casual sunglasses.

Gogals New Style Men

Best Gogals New Style Men

This gogals sunglasses has an eye-catching design. These sunglasses will really give a vintage impression to your OOTD.

Men who want to look more mature with a vintage look can choose these gogals style glasses. anyone can use it with their casual style.

Interestingly, these glasses can also be combined with a semi formal style. So, the gogals style can be used for various events according to your needs.

Suitable for All Face Shapes

Because gogals frames are quite large, these glasses are suitable for various face shapes. Both round, oval, square, oblong and other faces are suitable for using this.

On a round face, this model of men’s eyewear will make the face look more proportional. because the gogals frame will cover the face so that the face looks smaller.

Meanwhile, gogals for square faces are suitable because they will make a man’s face look softer and rounder. These glasses can help a man’s face look friendlier.

Another example is gogals new men’s style for oval faces. These glasses can help your face look firmer and friendlier.

Pair it with a 90’s Sweatshirt

To create a more vintage style, you can combine gogals with a 90’s sweatshirt. This style was even very popular in its time.

Anyone will look attractive with this casual vintage style. To complete it, wear sneakers which make the vintage style feel much more eye-catching.

This style is suitable for hangouts and other casual events. Don’t be afraid to experiment with outfit colors because 90’s style is synonymous with brighter colors. So, just adjust it to the style you really want with this casual eyewear for men.

Gogals with Polo Shirts

Polo shirts with gogals type glasses also look attractive. Polo shirts have become a mainstay casual outfit for men.

This polo shirt will make your appearance look more attractive even though it remains relaxed. Men will look more masculine with a polo shirt style like this.

So, those are various vintage OOTDs along with gogals type glasses. These glasses are very interesting to wear at various events.

Apart from creating a more vintage impression, these glasses also function to protect the eyes from the bad effects of UV rays. The bonus is that men look more manly when using them.

There are various brands that release these new style men’s gogals glasses. Of course, the prices of these glasses also vary, from affordable to luxury products.