50s Clothes for Guys, From Leather Jackets to Vests

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50s clothes for guys are still popular today. Because these clothes do look attractive and also unique, especially in this very modern era. The 50s style also seems to never be forgotten and disappear because the interest that continues to exist even increases over time.

50s Clothes for Guys

50s Clothes for Guys Are Popular and Widely Used

Many types of men’s clothing were popular in the 1950s. Here are some of those 50s outfits:

Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are one of the men’s clothing of the 1950s that never went out of style until now. Many people combine leather jackets with jeans to get a cool and stylish look like a bad boy. In the 1950s, leather jackets became mandatory clothing in men’s closets.

Blouson Jacket

The blouson jacket originated from the Harrington jacket, which is one of the golf sports models from England in the 1930s and is waterproof and lightweight. This jacket looks very sporty, zippered, tartan-plated, elastic coat, and waist-length. In the 1950’s this jacket was exported to the US and became popular and many people used it.

Pleated Pants

Pleated pants are also popular 50s clothes for guys. This pants model has elegant lines that go well with a variety of casual and formal clothes. So users can use it for various events. In addition, these pants are also suitable for summer because they allow good air circulation.

Cuban Collar Shirt

One of the popular men’s casual clothing in the 1950s was a shirt with a notch collar or camp collar, straight ends forming a box, and short sleeves. There are many interesting models of Cuban collar shirts such as plain shirts or patterned like plaid. The colors are quite diverse such as black, white, and combinations.


Ties were also very popular in the 1950s. At that time, ties came with a variety of patterns such as abstract patterns, geometric patterns, fanattic patterns, and other patterns, The colors were very diverse and bold such as yellow, red, green, blue, and combinations. In the 50s bow ties were also popular with longer shapes and also slim.


50s clothes for guys are next vests that are popular with young men. The vest models are also very diverse such as collared vests, not collared, some have two pockets, some have four pockets, and others. At that time, many also wore knit vests made of wool with different contrasting colors.

Men Dressed Like It’s 1950 in 2024

Using 1950s fashion in 2024 is certainly not a mistake. It can give a unique impression by dressing in a vintage style in this modern era. Every man can mix and match various 1950s-style clothes to create a cool and interesting vintage style.

For example, by combining a long, white-sleeved shirt with a 50s-style suit, tie, and pleated pants. You can also use a vintage leather jacket, especially when you want to ride a motorcycle. Then you can use a blouson vest or suit when relaxing or when traveling out.

Popular 50s clothes for guys are quite diverse such as leather jackets, blouson jackets, pleated pants, Cuban collar shirts, to waistcoats. Using it now will give a unique and vintage impression that will certainly be liked by many people.