Mix and Match Men’s Earth Tone Outfits, More Casual and Stunning

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Mixing and matching men’s earth tone outfits can provide a relaxed but still stunning look. This is because the earth tone style emphasizes simplicity and naturalness.

It’s very easy to wear an earth tone outfit. However, if you feel confused about earth tones, then you need to read the following review.

Men's Earth Tone Outfits

Mix and Match Men’s Earth Tone Outfits

Earth tone style is a type of trend that wants to highlight colors that are close to the Earth. These colors can be said to be very basic. Apart from that, it is also quite flexible when we mix and match them with each other. The look that appears can really make you look cool, dashing, firm and with character.

Earthy color choices such as brown (the color of the earth and trees), olive, black, white, to maroon. These colors can give you a very charming look when you wear them. Not only for casual events, but you can also wear it to formal events.

Here are some inspirations for mixing and matching earth tone men’s outfit styles that you can apply, including:

Dark Colored Suit

If you want a more formal outfit, such as business formal, then you can try combining clothes with darker earth tone colors. And combine it with bold dark colors such as black and dark blue.

For example, use a black shirt and trousers with a dark brown or dark green jacket. This bold dark color combination can also give a good and professional impression.

Bone White Sweater with Material Pants

The next interesting combination of men’s earth tone outfits is a combination of gray trousers with a white bone sweater. The combination of the two can be an alternative for those of you who want to look cooler and more elegant.

This style is able to give a casual impression but still looks neat. For the top, you can choose a knitted sweater in earth tone colors such as white, light gray or even beige brown.

Army Green and White

The combination of these two colors contrasts with each other. Army green, which has a dark hue, is very suitable when paired with bright white.

But what you need to pay attention to is not to dominate the color too much with white. This is because later, the army green clothes you wear will look dull.

Outerwear with Brown Spectrum Pants

Several types of exterior colors that are suitable for you to use in various activities are brown and colors that are still around that color. Such as cream, beige, khaki, camel, to tan or brown. This color choice is the root of earth tones and you tend to be able to use it for various events and types of clothing.

Meanwhile, for outerwear, there are several interesting models that you can wear, such as jackets, blazers, blousons or shirt-shaped jackets, to coats and hoodies.

Several mix and match men’s earth tone outfits┬ácan give a more relaxed impression when worn. Especially with models that tend to be casual, smart casual, or business casual.