Men’s Work Outfit Inspiration, a More Stylish and Contemporary Look

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Men’s work outfit inspiration will make your appearance more stylish and contemporary. Mixing and matching clothes that are comfortable for you to work in is very important. It turns out that wearing nice and comfortable clothes while working can improve your mood.

Especially if there is a sudden meeting, of course, you also want to look more proper. For those of you who want to still look stylish while in the office, here are the clothing styles you can try.

Men's Work Outfit Inspiration

Trendy Men’s Work Outfit Inspiration

Just like women, office clothing for men is also very diverse and consists of various fashions. However, before choosing office clothes for men, you need to know several types of clothing styles.

Starting from smart casual style, classic style, preppy style, flamboyant style, to formal style. Of course, when choosing office clothing for men, it must be adjusted to the size, and color and mix and match with other fashion items.

Not only that, you also need to adjust your clothing style to the established office rules. The following are men’s work outfit inspiration that can make your appearance more trendy and contemporary, including:

Sweater and Chinos

One way to get a smart casual look is to combine chinos with a sweater. In this case, to look more stylish, you can try to mix and match with a plain shirt and combine it with a dark sweater with brown chino trousers.

For the bottom look, you can identify special loafers for men which can make your appearance even more trendy. You can also wear white sneakers which will make you more confident.

Shirt Jacket and Jeans

For those of you who work in the creative industry, such as digital agencies, technology, media, or advertising. So one of the advantages of working in this industry is that there are no special rules regarding clothing.

Employees are given freedom in terms of clothing as long as the clothes they wear look professional. One outfit inspiration that you can use is a shirt jacket that you can combine with jeans.

This combination will make your appearance even more stylish. You can also give the finishing touch by wearing sneakers or lace-up shoes that match your fashion style.

Preppy Style

The choice of clothing for a preppy style is not far from a polo shirt covered with a knit sweater. Apart from that, you can also wear a varsity jacket with a T-shirt or a blazer with a shirt.

Meanwhile, for the bottom you can wear jeans, chinos or trousers made of other materials. Make sure to choose pants in a color that matches the top you are wearing.

To support your appearance to be more trendy, wear shoes with simple models such as tassels or pennies. Add accessories such as belts, watches, and so on.

There are many more inspirations for men’s work outfit inspiration that you can copy for choosing everyday office clothes. Choosing the right outfit will make your appearance even more optimal.