Short Sleeve Rugby Shirts Looks Stylish, Choose Quality Materials

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Short sleeve rugby shirts are now trending among millennial youth. Rugby is a kind of t-shirt, there is a short sleeve like a shirt in general. This fashion item is usually the uniform of rugby ball players.

The jersey material t-shirt is now widely sold in the market. So that it becomes a fashion trend among young people in particular.

Rugby clothes have a shirt design like in general. However, it creates a solid or solid color combination with horizontal lines on the body.

Short Sleeve Rugby Shirts

Variants of Short Sleeve Rugby Shirts Materials

If you want to have a rugby shirt, you should recognize the material of manufacture first. At first glance, a rugby shirt looks similar to a Polo Shirt, but the collar size is much smaller and stiffer.

Usually the fashion item has a front slit to make it easier when they want to wear it. For the English rugby model there are 2-3 buttons on the packet.

Meanwhile, the New Zealand rugby shirt has 1 button on the same part. In addition, rugby is also usually equipped with a special logo on the chest. But for the players there are also numbers on the back.

But nowadays rugby is one of the fashion items that young people are looking for. If you are one of the people who want to use these fashion items, you should find out about quality materials.

So that the rugby shirt will feel comfortable when you use it. Here are some materials for making rugby clothes, among others:

PE and Cotton Shirt Material

The first material for making rugby shirts is PE or polyester shirts. PE fabric when burned will cause a plastic-like odor with a fast spreading fire.

Depending on the design and use, PE material is divided into two namely PE single and double. The rugby material of PE shirts tends to be thinner, a bit rough, and has poor absorbency.

Nevertheless, PE shirts are in high demand because the fabric tends not to wrinkle easily.

In contrast to cotton shirts that are able to provide good sweat absorption. The characteristics of cotton t-shirt fabric are strong, flexible, and comfortable.

Quality cotton t-shirt material does not wrinkle easily and the fabric will not fade easily when washed.

Mixed Materials

As for those of you who want to look attractive, you can wear a mixed material short sleeve rugby shirts. Especially now that this type has been widely used for various activities.

Another mixture of cotton and synthetic fiber is polyester. The material for making this one rugby shirt looks more different from the type of material in general. So it will feel less good for activities.

Choosing the right short sleeve rugby shirts material can determine the level of comfort for its users. Because it is made from different fibers, but has inherited the properties that exist in this type of material.