Men’s Fashion Trends in the 70s, Anti-Off Style Clothing

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Men’s fashion trends in the 70s provided iconic looks. Fashion trends always cycle and repeat themselves. Apart from that, classic styles from the past often create a revival in the fashion world. The reason is, one of the decades that was very influential in fashion was the 70s. Men’s fashion trends in this era reflect the cultural and social changes that are taking place. In fact, it creates an elegant and iconic clothing style.

Men's Fashion Trends in the 70s

Check out Men’s Fashion Trends in the 70s

If you want to try a classic look with a retro touch, there’s no harm in stealing inspiration from this iconic 70s look. The reason is that you can explore this men’s fashion trend which continues to inspire today.

Silk Shirt

One of the undeniable men’s fashions of the 70s was the silk shirt. The reason is, shirts made from soft and shiny silk fabric are a popular choice. In addition, it is often combined with narrow-cut trousers. This style creates an elegant appearance and is suitable for various occasions, from formal to casual events.


Overalls were also another unique trend that was popular in the 70s. Because, men started wearing jumpsuits, which were often made of denim or comfortable materials. Apart from that, jumpsuits give a sporty and casual impression, suitable for an active and adventurous lifestyle.

Wide Jacket

Another men’s fashion trend in the 70s was the use of wide jackets. Wide-cut suits are a hallmark of this era. Suits with flared shoulders and a loose cut provide a truly iconic look. The reason is, some jackets have wide, triangular-shaped collars. In fact, bright colors and striking patterns are often used in these suits, creating an expressive style.

Round Glasses

Glasses with round lenses, especially those made from colorful plastic materials, were accessories often used by men in the 70s. The reason is, this style gives a distinctive retro touch, and is now also making a comeback in modern fashion trends.


Boots, especially those made of leather or suede, became the main choice for men in this era. Because, it has a high design, cuts high above the ankle, and strong soles create a tough and masculine appearance. Additionally, these boots remain popular today, becoming an integral part of the elegant and masculine men’s fashion trend.

The men’s fashion trends in the 70s are a perfect example of how fashion can reflect cultural and social changes in society. This elegant, colorful and expressive style continues to inspire designers and fashion lovers today.